Wichita Falls once had 5 homicides in one day. It has a 6-lane Farm To Market Road that doesn't lead to a Farmers' Market. Loop 11 doesn't loop. See the ABOUT page for more!


12-01-2022- It's 5:48 PM and out City transit bus drivers have switched to the "CB Radio" mode and have become more casual in their conversations and the topics of those conversations. Tune in at 453.5375 MHz with your SCANNER.

12-01-2022- A news report today said Direct TV has dropped KJTL from its lineup. I have the original "direct TV" - a signal directly from the TV station to my antenna.

12-01-2022- I've had more Twitter accounts than I can remember and they've all been a monumental waste of time. They were a waste of time because while I was fooling around with them I wasn't writing. Since I ditched the Twitter account for this site yesterday, I've been writing posts like crazy!

12-01-2022- The Bluebonnet Grocery on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and the Missile Club on Burk Road near SAFB, have been around since the 1960s. I don't know how many owners each have been through but the business names have remained the same.

12-01-2022 - I have no idea what the policy is today, but years ago it was the official policy of the Wichita Falls Police Department to not cite people for jaywalking. The reason was that the offense had never been enforced and would not be enforced unless and until a public information campaign announcing enforcement was launched.

12-01-2022 - A trucker on U.S. 287 issued a "smokey report" on CB Radio Channel 19: "Northbound, you got an Evil Knievel up ahead on the grassy knoll." The response: "He better not mess with me cuz I've got a sack of donuts and I'm not afraid to use 'em.

12-01-2022 - Years ago, United Supermarkets gave away a turkey if you spent $100 or more during a visit. We got several of those turkeys. Having no room for the latest issue, we drove to the Faith Mission loading dock to drop it off. Two men came to the car to accept it. One took the turkey while the other stood back about 10 feet. The one standing back said, "Another turkey. I was hoping for a ham!" I thought it was funny - sort of. I still donate to the mission.

12-01-2022 - Take a look at the windows on the front side of the police station. They weren't always that narrow, but they became that way after one too many of the original large windows fell victim to slingshot-propelled ball bearings.

12-01-2022 - Who's the Warden at the Allred Unit? Who in the Correctional Officer ranks was recently promoted? How about the latest retirements? Awards? We don't know because the local news media doesn't think it's newsworthy to take a peek into one of the area's largest publicly-funded agencies. But, let a police officer get a paper cut and a news conference is held. Okay, that's an exaggeration but you know what I mean.